About Putting Yourself Out There and Voicing Your Opinion

How come it was easy to post my first outfit, my first DIY or put myself out there and just show god knows who what I like to wear, what I think looks nice or something I made myself; and why did it take me more than a week and several edits to finally put together this post? Because it’s a personal one, one that shows what I think. Suddenly this post feels so much more personal than showing the world wide web my face and my outfit in every angle, tweeting to hundreds of semi-strangers or sharing my latest snapshot on instagram. 

Why? Because it’s a post about putting yourself out there, voicing your opinion and finding a way that works for you.

Fabulous Fashionista: Gemma Talbot

It frequently happens to me that I sit down on my computer and plan on doing something for uni or answer emails and then end up scrolling through loads and loads of blogs and totally get lost in all those outfits, thoughts, reviews and posts of all kind. That's one of the great things about the world of blogging, it’s an almost endless source of inspiration. This is one of the reasons I enjoy my fabulous fashionista feature as it gives me the chance to introduce and support some of those bloggers that always keep me scrolling. Today it’s Gemma Talbot and her blog What’s in her Wardrobe!

DIY See-Through Rhinestone Bracelet

I really enjoy DIY projects and posts, so after I showed you the feather necklace I made I decided to make a very simple bracelet that catches your attention. It only takes a few steps to make and you can obviously create loads of different styles and designs, depending on the rhinestones you choose. I love see-through clutches and jewellery lately, as they look interesting, edgy and at the same time feminine and fashion forward. From far away you can hardly see the see-through fabric, so it almost looks like you're wearing the stones on your skin.

Christinanista X Hidee: How to Carry your Heels with Style

It's time to reveal a little secret. You've seen my super high, pretty bow heels I wore in my last outfit post. Well although I would like to pretend and say I wear such high heels the whole entire day, I had a second pair of shoes with me that I was wearing casually before I switched into my lady like heels for dinner. There's nothing wrong with having a sneaky pair of flats with you, I mean nobody needs to know about it while you are rockin' sky high heels like you were born in them. Here is were this lovely Hidee bag comes into play: I hate having my heels or flats right next to all my other belongings and I don't like the thought of my phone cuddling up to a pair of pointy heels. Of course there was a clever lady that had the same thoughts and decided to design the Hidee bag that actually has a second compartment to store your shoes. (Or anything else you want to keep seperate)

City Oasis: An Outfit Post about those Little Secret City Spots

I found this lovely little oasis, right in the center of Munich. I was on the way to dinner and just had to take some pictures, as I felt my outfit was just perfectly matching the scenery. I've been a huge fan of oversize blazers for a while now and this one is definitely one of my favourite ones. Of course this summer you can't go without a maxi skirt and I love the fact this one is slightly see-through and has slits, as it makes it look much lighter and not too bulky.

DIY Pastel Hair and How to Use Hair Chalk

I absolutely love changing my hair, may it be the cut or the colour! As I already have pretty short hair, I can't change much regarding the length of my hair, but I certainly can change the colour! I love the pastel hair trend lately and decided I wanted to try it myself. I wasn't sure if it's actually going to suit me and that's why I bought hair chalk in all different colours. I've tried different methods on how to use the chalk the best way and want to let you guys know what worked the best for me, to achieve the result you can see above!

Lookbook Trend Report: The Flower Crown and How to Make one Yourself!

1. 2. 3. 4. 
You have probably seen a lot of flower crowns lately. Especially Lookbook is full of flower crowns lately and maybe you are already fed up with them, but I honestly still love them. No other accessory looks so bohémien and gives you such an instant summer feeling! Whatever your hair looks like, a flower crown suits every style and cut. As you know I have short hair and it is rather tricky to find nice accessories that suit my hairstyle. For example normal headbands or hair circlets look really silly and feel super out of place when you have short hair like I have.
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