Jamie Wei Huang SS15 at London Fashion Week Collection Review

As I mentioned in my last LFW post, I really enjoyed the Jamie Wei Huang SS15 Runway show. It was one of the first shows I went to during fashion week, it was a smooth-running show, with a short wait and amazing seats so it was a relaxed, nice start to LFW. Just judging by the first pictures, you can already tell that the collection featured great fabrics a feminine, yet vibrant colour palette and cuts that play with masculine and feminine elements. 

London Fashion Week Day 1 Outfit and Feature in the Daily Mail

London Fashion Week Street Style SS15
I just arrived back home after a full week in London and a very exciting 5 days of London Fashion Week! If the Wifi in the Travelodge I stayed in, wouldn't have completely let me down and cut me off from the online world I would have posted my Day 1 outfits already last weekend, but oh well here it is! I have loads and loads of posts already planned, so you will get a full London Fashion Week coverage, including my daily outfits, my favourite runway reviews and street styles. (I went to the Topshop Unique Show, so stay tuned for pictures of the runway, Anna Wintour, Alexa Chung and Cara Delevingne)

Klaus Kobec Watches: Timeless Elegance

Klaus Kobec Watches Black White
When it comes to accessories like necklaces, I normally go for colorful, bold ones, with loads of rhinestones and might even buy a trend piece, for one outfit in particular. However, to be honest I normally only wear a necklace for one season and then buy a different version. When it comes to watches I go for the exact opposite concept. My perfect watch as to be chic, timeless, elegant and has to be a piece that I could see myself wearing 20 years from now. I've been struggling to find exactly that kind of watch and now finally found two beautiful watches by Klaus Kobec, which I feel will accompany me for quite some years.  

Fabulous Fashionista Victoria from In The Frow

In the Frow Blogger Outfit
Next week Tuesday I am off to London for LFW, I've been busy organising the trip making sure I can make the most out of it and take a full dose of fashion, style, trends, catwalk shows and events home. So before it's going to be all out fashion week and street style talk next week I wanted to share the looks and style of Victoria, who writes In The Frow. Well here blog name references fashion weeks front row,but that's not the reason I chose her as a Fabulous Fashionista, it's because 1) I am totally in love with purple hair as you can see from my purple hair chalk post and 2) I believe we will be seeing a lot of pastels, prints, dyed hair and feminine cuts on London's street during fashion week, so her looks are definitely going to get you in the mood for that.

Leather, Monochrome and Pointy Heels: An Outfit Post

It's time for another outfit post and as you know I don't just like to show you what I love to wear, I also love to show you the places around me in Munich or where ever else in the world I am. Last time I showed you a lovely city oasis, that is hidden in the city center of Munich and today I am showing you a place I am at quit a lot: My University. (Ok I have to admit I should go to classes more often so I am technically not there a lot)

My New Found Love for Pointy Heels and How to Style Them

I remember when I was young and my parents would always tell me that when I’m older I would love all those vegetables and olives, that I really hated from the bottom of my heart at that time. Well back then I never believed them, but of course they were right and yes my taste buds changed. I now love almost all vegetables, still hate olives but oh well, maybe I’m still not old enough for them. 
If you are wondering whether I have lost the plot now and why I'm talking about vegetables when this post is about shoes, well that’s exactly how I feel about certain fashion items. Some pieces you just don’t appreciate when you are young and they start to grow on you when you grow up yourself. So what do pointy heels, artichokes and avocados have in common? I have learned to love them and am now actually obsessed with them now!

Introducing Joana Almagro: AW Collection and Interview

I would like to introduce you to Joana Almagro, a Manchester based fashion designer, who’s originally from the Philippines and has not just a fantastic new AW14 collection, but also a generally interesting aesthetic. I became aware of her and her designs, because I received and invitation to the Frankfurt Style Awards, which will be held end of September. The awards bring several very talented designers together from all over the world, who are up and coming in the fashion world. Joana is going to be part of the awards and because her designs caught my eye I would like to show you her collection and also share a little interview with you.

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