My New Found Love for Pointy Heels and How to Style Them

I remember when I was young and my parents would always tell me that when I’m older I would love all those vegetables and olives, that I really hated from the bottom of my heart at that time. Well back then I never believed them, but of course they were right and yes my taste buds changed. I now love almost all vegetables, still hate olives but oh well, maybe I’m still not old enough for them. 
If you are wondering whether I have lost the plot now and why I'm talking about vegetables when this post is about shoes, well that’s exactly how I feel about certain fashion items. Some pieces you just don’t appreciate when you are young and they start to grow on you when you grow up yourself. So what do pointy heels, artichokes and avocados have in common? I have learned to love them and am now actually obsessed with them now!

Introducing Joana Almagro: AW Collection and Interview

I would like to introduce you to Joana Almagro, a Manchester based fashion designer, who’s originally from the Philippines and has not just a fantastic new AW14 collection, but also a generally interesting aesthetic. I became aware of her and her designs, because I received and invitation to the Frankfurt Style Awards, which will be held end of September. The awards bring several very talented designers together from all over the world, who are up and coming in the fashion world. Joana is going to be part of the awards and because her designs caught my eye I would like to show you her collection and also share a little interview with you.

Simple Braided DIY Bracelet Tutorial

After showing you how to create a stylish see-through rhinestone bracelet I will today show you another rather simple bracelet tutorial on how to make braided bracelets in different colours and styles. One of the reasons why I love DIY's: you decide on how the end product looks and you will always have a very unique piece of jewellery or accessory that perfectly suits your taste and style! So feel free to vary this DIY to make it suit you.

Stylish Tech Accessory Must-Haves

I never really used to care about phones or fancy tech gadgets. Believe it or not I never had a smartphone until I bought a used Iphone 4s last April. I was a smartphone-less blogger without whatsapp who’s using twitter on a laptop, how antiquated! But times have changed I wouldn’t want to miss my phone or Ipad no more, as they do come in very handy and oh all those phone cases, headphones and stylish little gadgets. I don’t care about the newest processor or best software or having siri (seriously do you really use that little lady in your phone, I don’t). What I do care about are great designs and versatile gadgets, so I have put together a little overview of techy accessories that would turn anyone into a tech loving geek.

About Putting Yourself Out There and Voicing Your Opinion

How come it was easy to post my first outfit, my first DIY or put myself out there and just show god knows who what I like to wear, what I think looks nice or something I made myself; and why did it take me more than a week and several edits to finally put together this post? Because it’s a personal one, one that shows what I think. Suddenly this post feels so much more personal than showing the world wide web my face and my outfit in every angle, tweeting to hundreds of semi-strangers or sharing my latest snapshot on instagram. 

Why? Because it’s a post about putting yourself out there, voicing your opinion and finding a way that works for you.

Fabulous Fashionista: Gemma Talbot

It frequently happens to me that I sit down on my computer and plan on doing something for uni or answer emails and then end up scrolling through loads and loads of blogs and totally get lost in all those outfits, thoughts, reviews and posts of all kind. That's one of the great things about the world of blogging, it’s an almost endless source of inspiration. This is one of the reasons I enjoy my fabulous fashionista feature as it gives me the chance to introduce and support some of those bloggers that always keep me scrolling. Today it’s Gemma Talbot and her blog What’s in her Wardrobe!

DIY See-Through Rhinestone Bracelet

I really enjoy DIY projects and posts, so after I showed you the feather necklace I made I decided to make a very simple bracelet that catches your attention. It only takes a few steps to make and you can obviously create loads of different styles and designs, depending on the rhinestones you choose. I love see-through clutches and jewellery lately, as they look interesting, edgy and at the same time feminine and fashion forward. From far away you can hardly see the see-through fabric, so it almost looks like you're wearing the stones on your skin.
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