Tuesday, 31 March 2015

City Break: Milan Weekender!

Well I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking, because Milan is just such a gorgeous city and the perfect destination for any wine lovers, foodies or shopaholics looking for a nice weekend break. Munich is only 50mins away by plane from Milan, so on a rainy Thursday afternoon I decided to book a spontaneous weekend trip to Milan and literally pack my bags and leave 2 days after. I love being spontaneous and thought it was the best decision ever to just give myself a break from all the uni work and 9 to 6 office stays. Trevor, who is currently busy putting the finishing touches to his single and music video, luckily needed some creative break as well and was the perfect white wine drinking buddy and touristy-picture-taker!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Blue Hues

It's been a while since I shared an outfit with you and due to the fact that I have a new camera and tripod, I thought why not put it to the test and show you a typical day to day outfit of mine. You might have seen on my Instagram that I changed my hair colour to a pastel blue therefore I decided to give the whole post a blue theme and play around with some editing. Luckily I have a white wall in my apartment which turns out to be the perfect canvas for outfit pictures and more outside the box editing. Most well established bloggers tend to go with very subtle editing and bright/white colour palette, but for this particular post I thought it would be a bit boring to just stick with the same old look. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Daniel Wellington Watch Review and 15% Off!

Daniel Wellington Watch

Some of you probably already know the timeless and chic watches by Daniel Wellington that have been all over Instagram and street style blogs lately. Alone in my friend circle 3 of my girls have  a Daniel Wellington watch, so it’s obvious that the designs are appealing to many fashion lovers out there, so today I want to tell you guys what I think of my newest accessory gem! I’ve been telling you in one of my latest post that I adore a big chunky blingy necklace that is totally over the top, but when it comes to watches I love myself a classic piece that is wardrobe staple and can be worn day in and day out. Therefore it’s quite clear that I love Daniel Wellington watches and their preppy look and sophisticated, quality design. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Importance of Blog Layouts

There were several things that always bothered me about my blog layout, for example: The way my blog looked on a mobile device. The fact I couldn't figure out how to get a sticky navigation bar. Why my widgets on the side and my images just didn't nicely line up. 
I'm a visual person that cares a lot about first impressions of a website and therefore was just never quite happy with the way my blog looked, although I had put so much time and effort in learning the necessary html and css to try and change the little flaws here and there. 
When I first hosted my blog on blogger, it was clear to me that I didn't want my blog to look like the mirror image of any other blog hosted on blogger. I wanted to take advantage of how simple blogger blogs are maintained, but make the most of how it looks and stay far far away from those. in my opinion, ugly pre set templates. So I started spending my Saturday mornings on all sorts of IT and tech blogs, to step by step change my blogs layout into how I imagined it to be. So far so good and I have to say I was pretty impressed with how far I made it on my own, but at some point I just noticed that a professional template just has that certain kind of je ne sais quoi, that I could not achieve no matter how many youtube videos I watched. Some of you might be tech-savy enough to create such a stunning and flawless template yourself, but when I noticed my perfect template was just 45€ I decided to throw in the towel and final get the layout I wanted. So Here It Is!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My Favourite Statement Necklaces

Admittingly wearing statement necklaces isn’t a trend that just popped up and we’ve certainly been seeing statement necklaces for what feels like decades on street style blogs. However that doesn’t change my love for those oversized blinged out stunners! You know some trends you really get tired of after one season, because they’ve simply been in your face too much, but statement necklaces never get old for me. Lately I’ve actually seen a drift towards very simplistic jewellery that just adds a small sophisticated touch to minimalistic outfits. Although I adore a lady that can pull of that I-Didn’t-Even-Have-To-Try-Look, it’s just not for me. I love a simple blouse that is turned into a true eye catcher by adding a bold necklace, so I surely will be sticking with the old but good trend of wearing statement necklaces, so here are my favourite ones!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

How to Organise your Closet

I’m one of those girls that when trying to find an outfit to wear, I tend to pull out pieces out of my closet and then through it right back in (or on the chair next to it) if I don’t feel like wearing them. I never plan an outfit beforehand so I literally go with whatever I feel like in the morning and as I like to sleep as long as I can it really gets last minute that my outfit is chosen. Now here is the problem because my wardrobe those tend to get a bit messy, with me pulling out stuff and throwing it back in, I feel like I often don’t even know what clothes I actually own. I mean the surprise of finding a long lost dress in the back is pretty exciting but really I would have wished to have found it when I had one of those “I don’t have nothing to wear” days. Therefore I’ve started properly organising my closet because getting dressed is even more enjoyable when you are presented with beautifully arranged clothes, shoes and accessories, so here are my top tips to get your closet perfectly organized, no matter the size you’ve got!

Monday, 2 February 2015

My Teatox Experience with SlimCha

As you might have seen on my Instagram and Twitter, I’ve been all about healthy food, exercising and cleansing my body. I’ve always loved eating healthy and am a sucker for fresh salads and fruits, but you know how it is everyone has their guilty pleasures. In my case it’s snacks and wine, I have no problem having a super healthy low carb breakfast and lunch but in the evening I often crave snacks and enjoy a relaxed glass of wine with my friends. I’ve always wanted to try a detox and was therefore stoked to be able to try out Slimcha’s Teatox programmes and will tell you all about my experience in this post!
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