Simple DIY Pearl Bracelets

DIY Pearl Bracelets
I'm back with a new simple DIY post! I love DIY's that don't need a lot of preparation and this is exactly one of those, because all you really need are pearls or beads and thin leather string in different colours. I often find it a waste of money to buy fancy jewellery clasps, because although the look really nice, they are crazy expensive especially when you plan on making several bracelets. That's way I will also show you two different way to fasten your bracelets with having to buy any extra tools or equipment!

15 Stylish Sportswear Picks for Autumn/Winter

After the launch of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection, all I can think about is stylish sportswear and activewear that you can wear in the gym as well as on a daily basis. I actually bought some of the Alexander Wang x H&M pieces and absolutely love them. The great thing about active and sportswear is that it's always comfortable and normally always made out of rich materials and impeccable made to keep up with heavy usage in the gym. In Spring and Summer it was all about bright and neon colours, but for the colder months I think it's going to be all about soft rosé and beige and mostly cold grey shades, shiny silver and of course heavy black. Have a look trough the slideshow I made to find out what my Top 15 Stylish Sportswear Picks!

Blogging Talk: My Opinion on Blog Stats and Numbers

I think it’s time to have another blogging chat, specifically I would like to tell you my opinion about blog stats, amount of followers and whether or not to care about those numbers or not.
First of all, I care about my blog stats, I love checking them out every day, analyze what post are popular and love getting a feel for how many and what kind of people read my blog.
I also love reading blogging guides and soak up every advice a fellow blogger gives. The only thing that annoys me is that I keep reading that the best way to gain traffic and followers is to purely focus on your content and not pay attention to your blog statistics. 

Wine and Dine: Lunch at the Ritz Carlton in London

Lunch at the Ritz Carlton London

I definitely don’t consider myself a food blogger, but I couldn’t help myself and just had to share some pictures with you from my lunch at the Ritz Carlton inLondon. I might not be a food blogger but I’m certainly one that loves to wine and dine and totally love getting dressed up for a fancy dinner. I went to lunch with Trevor Finnergen as it was his birthday just a couple of days before and the food was really amazing. The Ritz itself is just so stunning and just coming in and seeing the lovely tea room, the opulent décor and high ceilings is an experience itself. We had lunch at the big restaurant and this is what I had:

Huishan Zhang SS15: Runway meets Afternoon Tea

Huishan Zhang SS15 LFW
I want to share some more Fashion Week pictures with you, because the Huishan Zhang presentation was one of my favourite events of LFW, not just because of the beautiful designs, but also because it was the most relaxed and classy event I went to. It took place in the Mirror Room of the Rosewood Hotel in High Holborn, so imagine being led into a stunning room full of mirrors and vintage comfy furniture, where you are greeted with a lovely afternoon tea. They served tea and champagne before the runway show started which is probably my new favourite combination of drinks even thought it sounds a bit odd. After enjoying some yummy sandwiches and pastries and getting a bit of a rest, the runway show started. 

Frankfurt Style Awards: Young Design Talents

Frankfurt Style Awards 2014

A lot of my posts have been about UK designers and London Fashion Week lately, so I’m excited to also share a post about an event I attended in Germany, called The FrankfurtStyle Awards. The event was all about showcasing new international designers and was held at the Frankfurt airport. The event was the big finale of a design competition, where design students from all over the world where competing to be picked to showcase their looks in front of a well renowned audience in Frankfurt. The runwayshow showcasing the finalist’s designs was as diverse as it could possibly be, from fantastic and innovative looks that were really well made to ones that were not so mind blowing and rather questionable. To say that there was a to talk about at this event  is definitely an understatement, so I hope you enjoy seeing what young designers come up with as much as I did!

How I Got to The Topshop Unique SS15 Runway Show and Met Anna Wintour

Topshop Unique SS15 Front Row

In my last post you saw what I wore on Day 3 of LFW and to the Topshop Unique, so this post is going to be all about my experience at the Topshop show. Normally when reviewing a runway show I would mainly focus on the clothing and designs itself as that’s really what it should be about. However due to the fact that the Topshop show is one of the shows that is reported about the most, I feel like you probably have seen the looks already and maybe also interested in hearing how I got there and how the experience was. So let’s start from the beginning.
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