DIY Embellishments

How to embellish clothes
You might have guessed, seeing the mood board I've made, that I love being creative and do thing with my own hands. So it only makes sense for me to have DIYs on my blog. This post is basically going to be an introduction to the whole DIY thing..

I'm going to show you some rather easy clothes embellishments, which are simple to do yourself, but very effective. The following DIY posts are going to increase the level of difficulty bit by bit and I will for example show you how to make a statement necklace, a perl bracelet, a winter cape and many more!

This is what you need to embellish some of your clothing:

1) superglue (1€) I like using superglue, because it drys so quickly. I'm not patient enough to wait hours until a glue drys! You can actually buy glue especially made for embellishment on clothing, but it's expensive and takes up to 3 hours to dry. 

2) embellishments (5€) I decided to go with studs and rhinestones in different sizes

3) tweezers (3€) I really recommend to always use tweezers when you work with embellishments and glue, because the one time I didn't use them my whole hands were covered in glue and that superglue is soo hard to get off! (If you want to make sure no glue ends up on your hands, use gloves)

Dark green blazer with studs on shoulders
                                        DIY studs on blazer
For this army green blazer I used the studs on the shoulders and the collar. As you can see on the second picture the studs have prongs, so you don't even need the glue for this one. Just push the prongs into the fabric and fold them down on the other side of the fabric.

                                           DIY short with rhinestones
I used the small triangle rhinestones to embellish the side of those shorts. For this you obviously need the glue. It takes some time to glue all the little stones on the fabric, but it's definitely worth it! This way you can turn up the volume and turn a plain piece into a stylish one.

                                        Blouse with DIY embellishments on pocket
                           DIY rhinestones on pocket of blouse
I used the bigger rhinestones for the side pocket of the white collard blouse. Of course you can place the stones where ever you want, like for example on the collar. I just decided to go with the pocket, because I have no blouse that actually has embellishments there.

I purposely used rather cheap items of clothing, because you just don't want to ruin an expensive blouse or blazer! It can happen that you drop glue on the garment or that you maybe don't like the result, so it's always best to experiment and play around with cheaper clothing and if you got the hang of it move on the more expensive pieces.

One more tip: Less is More! Don't go overboard with bling :) 

Much love xxx

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