Stylespirations - Dusty Pink

Fashion Foto Collage Dusty Pink Trend
Today I would like to share some style inspirations with you! I'm planning on posting mood boards like this one on a regular basis and hope they will inspire you as well!
First of all I want to point out that I actually made this mood board from bits and pieces out of fashion magazines. I highlighted certain parts of the pictures and drew on them with a light pink colour to give them my own touch and create a golden thread. 


I know most bloggers use pictures from the internet to create such inspiration pages but thats just not for me! I love working with my hands and I think it gives it a more personal touch this way. I would always pick a print magazine over an online one, even thought that can be considered old fashioned in these days. :) I used to always rip out pages that inspired me and collecting them became kind of a habit!

This mood board is called "Dusty Pink", simply because I think it's a great trend this A/W! I'm not a huge fan of bright, neon pink and love that many designers used darker or softer shades this season. What u can also see in this mood board, is that I really like the combination of dusty pink with black, as well as white. This way the colour pink turns from girly and sweet to cool and edgy!

What inspired you this A/W and what do you think of this dusty pink?

Much Love xxx


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