Being an Assistant at a Photoshoot: My Experiences

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I mentioned before that I was able to gain some first experiences in the fashion industry and I would like to share how it was for me to assist at a photo shoot. The shoot took place beginning of 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland and I also helped organise it ..

Here are just a few of the pictures from the shooting:

                                   Fashion editorial  male models and female models

fashion editorial extravagant clothing
Photographer: Christoph Ammann
Hair & Make-up: Monika Maks, Inge Puchta, Björn von Ow, 
Models: Dominique Capraro, Kevin Bicker, Tamara Maritz, Tamara Weiß
Coordinator: John Merlino
Assistant: Christina Langner

The Organisation:

First a general theme was picked, a concept made and it was my task to transfer the ideas into a mood board/presentation that was later send to all the participants to prepare them for the shooting. I helped choose the models and got in contact with the agencies (Option Models, Fotogen Agntur) to book them. We had quite a lot of models  (in total 7), so it was my job to make sure we have enough hair&make-up artist to do their styling. I also created a additional mood board for the hair&make-up artist, showing them what model will get what look and the inspirations behind it. 

One of the most important parts was picking the right outfits. I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Milan to visit the showrooms of the designers we featured and helped pick out the right pieces. Seeing the showrooms in Milan and getting to meet the designers was a really great experience, but don't underestimate working in fashion; it was also extremely stressful and a lot if work!  Finally Ambiance the House of Interior Design was picked to be the location and the owner Diem Nguyn was kind enough to let us use some of her great interior pieces.

At the Photo Shooting:

At the shoot itself my main job was to make sure everything was running smoothly and that everyone was able to do their job without complications. That involved making sure that every model was dressed and styled within schedule and the set was ready. I was able to style some of the looks and decide what model wears what look and with what accessories. I also assisted the photographer, by making sure the clothes were sitting great and the hair was on point, as well as suggesting poses.

Key to being a good assistant in my eyes is to always have your eyes and ears open and not to be afraid to offer your help!
Every one will appreciate your initiative and you'll learn a lot. I was faced with many new challenges and I really enjoyed been given so much responsibility. It was a rather small production so I got to be in touch with everyone on the set and it was a great team!

Well I hope you enjoyed getting some insides into some work I did and if any of you has experiences within the fashion industry I would love to hear about it, so feel free to tweet me or comment!

Much love xxx

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