Do It Like Thicke!

                                    Outfit picture with striped pants and furry jacket
It's surprising Munich is not covered in meters of snow yet, so I used this rather "warm" day to have a walk through the English garden and take some new pictures! I love furry vests and coats, so this one is not the last one you'll see...

                                         How to style striped pants and a furry jacket
Black and white snake print heels
                                 High collar and furry jacket close up
Striped trousers : H&M
Blouse : H&M (DIY embellishments)
Fur Vest : Primark
Boots : Graceland

 I actually bought those striped pants more than a year ago and have loved them ever since. Well I've been called beetle juice or inmate when wearing those pants and let me tell you Robin Thicke didn't make it better either, but I just adore those pants! :)

I'm wearing the blouse that I embellished and showed you in my last post, so now you actually see how it looks worn and how I styled it!
So what do you think of the pants and the beautiful english garden?

Much love xxx

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