If Carrie Bradshaw Has It, I Need It: Magazine Bags!

Today I want to share some stunning bags with you, that I just recently discovered. They called CovR Magazine Bags and here is how they look like.The bags are designed to look like a folded magazine, which I think is such a cool concept. The first ever bags, looking like rolled up magazines, where made in Italy and used as a decoy against pickpocketsThe time a Magazine Bag was really in the limelight was in an episode of Sex & the City...

 I’m a huge Sex & the City fan and remember the episode called “The Big Time” really well: Carrie is on a fancy boat party with Charlotte and Trey and bumps into Mr.Big. She is holding what appears to be a magazine, but it's actually a clutch.

The founders of CovR Magazine Bag were as delighted by the idea as I am and decided to bring out their own line of Magazine Bags.
I think the bags they created are really unique and such eye catcher. They are one of those accessories that is going to make people stop and ask where you bought it!
CovR cluthes come in the following designs and all cost £32.

The COUTURE Edit - Red luscious Lips

MONOCHROME Winter Warms & Fall Fashion Clutch Handbag

LEOPARD Print Sizzling Summer Special

The ROYAL Horse Riding & Fierce Fashion Edition

My personal favourite is the monochrome version. I love the edgy look and the little touch of pink!

 I'm excited to let you guys know that I was able to set up an online interview with Jas one of the founders of CovR Magazine Bags, to find out more about how it is to have a fashion company and what work goes into designing bags. If you have any specific questions you would like to have answered feel free to comment, email or tweet me!

If you want a Magazine Bag yourself, you can order them here. So what do you think of those Carrie Bradshaw Bags and which one is your favourite?

Much Love xxx

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