Last Minute DIY Necklace

DIY necklace made out of polymore clay
I want to share a necklace with you, that I actually just made this morning. As you might know I'm from Germany and we celebrate Christmas on the 24th (I know we are just really unpatient) and I wanted to have a piece of jewellery that is a bit christmassy for tonight ..
I made this necklace out of fimo (you might know it as polymor clay).
blue and gold diy necklace

I decided to go with a quite modern shape but bring in some navy and gold for some festive feel. I think this is not just a necklace for the holiday but for every day really, because it looks quite festive with a dress but really cool and edgy with a white tee or collard blouse. 
If you don't know what fimo is, it's a very soft clay that can be hardend in the oven. It's super easy to use and you can basically create any shape with it. There are loads of youtube tutorials showing you how to use it and you can bascially make what every you feel like. 
For this necklace you just have to roll out the navy clay, cut out a triangle shape and then cut stripes out of the triangle. Create little round pearls and let everything harden in the oven for 30mins. Then dip the end of the stripes into gold colour and paint the pearls.I used a black ribbon and wrapped it with gold wire to give it more stability and attached the pearls and stripes.

I played around with different backgrounds and textures outside just to have the necklace showen in different ways and lights.

Have you ever worked with polymor/ fimo clay and more importantly what jewellery will you be wearing on Christmas?

Much Love xxx

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