LFW Day 2 Rohmir and John Rocha AW14

Rohmir AW14

Rohmir AW14 collection
Rohmir AW14 LFW
This is the second year I had the pleasure to see the Rohmir show and this year I actually enjoyed it even more. The show was set in the Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden, close to the Freemansons' Hall. It was a very intimate event with a bar and drink reception, as well as a small exhibition before the runwayshow ...

Rohmir AW14 drink reception
Drinks Reception Rohmir
Paige Cook, Trevor Finnergen, Me After Rohmir AW14

The event was not to overcrowded which was a pleasure and I we had a great view at the catwalk show, as we were sitting frontrow. 
Olga the designer of Rohmir has a very distinct way of designing and you never really know what to expect. Her designs are full of exquisite fabrics, interesting cuts and details. She often designs for very wealthy Arabic woman and you can definitely see that influence in some of her pieces and fabric choices. The woman she designs for is always a very elegant and sophisticated one and Olga herself embraces such a strong and confident woman.

The Show was and still is aired on Fashion TV, if you look closely you can see me on the right side, front row:

John Rocha AW 14

I absolutely loved this years John Rocha collection on Day 2 of LFW.. It was the first time I was able to see the show myself and was really blown away. His pieces had such a dark and mysterious feel to them but at the same time the floral theme that went through the whole collection gave it a very soft and feminine touch. The show took place at the Courtyard Showspace at Sommerset House and was one of the shows that gave me the most inspirations for AW14. 
Unfortunately my Ipad couldn't handle the light in this location very well and my pictures are therefore rather blurry. So I'm going to spare you the pictures and rather show you the video I've made of the finale, where you can see all the looks in movement. 


Which collection do you prefer?

Love xxx

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