LFW London Fashion Week Day 2 Outfit

London Fashion Week print outfit
This is my LFW Day 2 Outfit, those of you who have been reading my blog before, will recognise the zebra jacket from this post here. I showed you how I would style the jacket on a day to day basis and here you can see how I would style it if I want to make a bolder statement ...

                                   London Fashion Week print jacket animal print
                                                         Zebra Jacket: H&M
                                                           Print Pants: Ebay
                                                              Heels: H&M
                                                             Blouse: Zara

 I'm a huge fan of print and this outfit, was therefore inspired by Ong-Oaj Pairams collection so for me this was the perfect outfit for day 2 of Fashion Week!

Saturday of LFW was super busy so here are the shows I went to on Day 2:

11.30 Yifang Wang
13.00 John Rocha
13.30 Zeynep Kartel
14.30 Bernhard Chandran
17.00 Rohmir
19.30 Ashley Isham
20.30 PingHe

My absolute favourite show was John Rocha, his designs were always stunning but this year I loved them even more! I will post my pictures of the show and of my favourite outfit of the other shows I went to shortly! So stay tuned!

As you may have noticed I'm taking my time with posting about the shows, as I always think there is so much coverage of LFW in the first weeks and then it starts getting less and less that I personally love getting some pictures and opinions a bit later as it can get quite overwhelming otherwise! So I hope you don't mind!

Much love xxx

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