AW14 London Fashion Week Exhibitions

LFW Exhibition Sarah Ryan
Sarah Ryan, AW14 Ones-To-Watch, London Fashion Week

I don't just enjoy the runway shows at London Fashion Week, I also think the exhibitions show a lot of inspirational, outstanding pieces, that you shouldn't miss and are often forgotten or underestimated. Exhibitions give you the opportunity to see the garments close up and you can take your time and really enjoy them ...

LFW exhibition george styler aw14
George Styler, AW14 Ones-To-Watch, London Fashion Week

The first two pictures are from designers who were featured at this years' Ones-To-Watch Runway Show, that I went to on Day 2. It was so super crowded at this event, as it's always really popular, so it was hard for me to take good pictures. That's why I decided to show you their exhibition pieces instead!

I love Sarah Ryan's rough leather pieces that look so super structured and tough. On the other hand I also really appreciate the use of volume and electric colours in George Styler's collection! Both designs are far down the spectrum and therefore very inspirational and interesting.

Ada Zanditon exhibition london fashionw week
Ada Zanditon, AW14 The ME London Hotel, London Fashion Week

This last picture shows pieces by Ada Zanditon. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year at LFW when she showed her collection as part of the Estethica Exhibition at Sommerset House. I have to say she is such a sweetheart and I love the fact she works with eco-friendly textiles, only! What I love about her latest designs is obviously her use of what look like hair. I think it's a great alternative to fur as it still give the clothes a great texture and dimension, but at the same time it's something we don't see on a day to day basis. Thinking about fringe that has been a very big trend especially this SS/14, I think the use of hair as an accessories fits in just perfectly and is an interesting twist.

Now you heard what I think about those exhibition pieces. What are your first impressions?

Much love xxx

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