Accessory Trend: Vintage Glasses and What Shapes to Go for this Season!

Vintage sunglasses collection

I've recently bought a bunch of vintage sunglasses and I've found myself experimenting with more and more shapes and colours, that I wouldn't have looked at a few years ago. If you've seen my Kimono OOTD than you've maybe seen the grey glasses at the front before. Vintage glasses are definitely a huge trend lately and they really make the world of sunglasses more colourful and interesting!

There are endless amounts of shapes, but a few specific ones are really on trend, not just under bloggers and lookbookers, here are 3 shapes you can't ignore this summer:

The Cat Eye Sunglasses
Cat eye glasses have been seen all over the runways and will give your look a very glamorous and feminine touch. They also emphasis your cheekbnes and give your face a new definition.

The Big, Bold and Colourful Ones
It's definitely a goal of mine to have sunglasses in all kinds of colours, so that I'll always have the perfect pair to match my outfit! Colourful glasses have been around for a while, but now they need to also have interesting and big frames, to really make you stand out.

The John Lennon Glasses
What blogger doesn't love this edgy and cool look lately? They suit most face types, although you must be willing to make a statement when wearing those striking glasses.

The question now is obviously where to find the perfect vintage glasses, I'd suggest ASOS, Ebay and Markets. You'll find a big amount of rather cheap vintage glasses on Ebay, which is great because if you're not sure about which shape you like the most you can just order several ones without spending too much money. 

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