How To Make a Feather Necklace DIY

how to make a feather necklace
Feathers, are an evergreen fashion trend, that go hand in hand with all boho, festival and tribal trends we've seen over the years. Feathers been recognised as a major trend by several big magazines, such as Vogue, and Fashion Telegraph. I've decided to make this feather necklace, to show how easy it is to create such a statement piece and give the feather trend your own personal touch ...

 DIY feather necklace
There are many ways to create a feather necklaces  and I've decided to go with a very simple route and attach different length feathers to a broad ribbon. You can choose feathers in the same colour or mix different ones. I decided to go with black ones and give some of them a silver touch-up with silver acrylic colour.After colouring the feathers, I glued them on the ribbon with super glue. Make sure to use enough feather, because the necklace looks the best when all the feathers are overlapping slightly. 

I also chose to add some black rhinestones to the top of the necklace, as well as a string of silver pearls.Of course you could also go with studs, to give your necklace a more edgy feel, or use bright, colourful rhinestones to create a boho/ethno look. Depending on what colour sheme you choose, your necklace can go from super elegant and chic to casual and tribal. If you are looking to make a very simple feather necklace made out of only one feather, this tutorial might be the one for you..For those of you who missed my other DIY necklace post, have a look at my gold and blue geometric necklace here

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