When a Chain Makes the Look : Jewellery Inspired Looks and Trends

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I am definitely a jewellery obsessed person and my jewellery box is certainly swelling over! That’s why I was so delighted when I received a press announcement, introducing Annelise Michelson  and a wonderful collage showing jewellery pieces and suitable gowns and shoes to wear them with. The pieces really captured my attention, so I decided to share them with you!

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First of let’s talk a bit about Annelise Michelson. She launched her first collection in October 2010 and has since then developed a very strong and unique aesthetic and line. Her pieces have a very warrior-like feel and combine masculinity with femininity, in a very luxurious way. Her pieces are handcrafted in France and have a very edgy feel to them that can turn every outfit around. Annelise’s designs are already worn by celebrities so it’s just a matter of time until her label really takes off!

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Now to the collage, the reason I really like it, is because it's a great source of inspiration and shows of up and coming designers. I’ve always been a fan of discovering new labels and enjoy seeing their new and interesting creations. For me the collage shows of great statement pieces and seing the looks together, really makes it clear how much of a statement a piece of jewellery can make, no matter the size.

So which of the pieces or designer strikes you the most?
Much love xxx

The pictures are provided by Spring London PR

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