DIY Pastel Hair and How to Use Hair Chalk

how to get purple pastel hair
I absolutely love changing my hair, may it be the cut or the colour! As I already have pretty short hair, I can't change much regarding the length of my hair, but I certainly can change the colour! I love the pastel hair trend lately and decided I wanted to try it myself. I wasn't sure if it's actually going to suit me and that's why I bought hair chalk in all different colours. I've tried different methods on how to use the chalk the best way and want to let you guys know what worked the best for me, to achieve the result you can see above!

Hair chalk

You can see the hair chalk I bought above. There are tons of different brands and labels that offer hair chalk lately, such as the Body Shop or Essence etc. I personally didn't want to spend a lot of money in case I wouldn't like the product (there are always loads of mixed reviews on hair chalk, some love them some hate them). I bought those 24 colours on Amazon and they were only 8€, so totally a bargain!

So here are a few tips on how to use them:

- Make sure your hair is wet before applying the colour, otherwise the chalk will not stick properly
- Rub the chalk into your wet hands, to get the right amount of colour of the chalk
- Apply the colour with your hands, either just apply it to the end bits of your hair to get a nice dip dye look, or apply it strand by strand to colour your whole hair
- Do not blow dry your hair, otherwise you will blow away all the pigments
- You can also mix two or more colours in your hand before appyling, to achieve the perfect shade (I used a dark purple and white chalk, to get this colour)
- If you apply it to your whole hair it will feel rather dry afterwards (obviously as you have applied chalk onto your hair), if you are bothered by having your hair be dry for a while than go with the dip dye look
- Use a hair straightener or curling iron to fixate the colour 

pastel pink hair
Here is how the colour looked after I had it on over the whole day, brushed it and slept on it one night. As you can see the colour fades rather quickly and you will only have a really intense colour for maximum a day or two. I personally love how it looks when it fades out as it gives it a more pastel look and after one hair wash it will only shine trough slightly. 

I think if you love experimenting with your hair, hair chalk is a great and easy option for you, I personally love them!

So what colour do you think I should go for next?
Much love xxx

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