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Well lovelies, it's time again to introduce you to another Fabulous Fashionista. Last time I showed you my favourite looks of Sarah Nunn and this time a have a bunch of inspiring looks from The Fashion Fraction aka Michèle K. As I said in my first post, in my Fabolous Fashionistas posts I will always introduce you to a fellow blogger, who has in my eyes a fantastic style. I hope it will give you a lot of fashion inspirations and maybe introduce you to your next favourite read.

Now to Michèle, as you can see I chose a whole bunch of looks from her, because I really had a hard time just picking a few. I think her style is so versitle and at the same time if you scroll through her blog you can see her looks are also very cohesive. She certainly doesn't shy away from bold statement pieces and you'll definitely see tones of gorgeous heels, throughout her outfits, that you would literually kill for! The outfit I chose represent only a small part of what you can explore on her blog, so I'd suggest you have a look for yourself.

So which one is your favourite look?

Much love xxx

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