Lookbook Trend Report: The Flower Crown and How to Make one Yourself!

Flower Crown DIY lookbook trend
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You have probably seen a lot of flower crowns lately. Especially Lookbook is full of flower crowns lately and maybe you are already fed up with them, but I honestly still love them. No other accessory looks so bohémien and gives you such an instant summer feeling! Whatever your hair looks like, a flower crown suits every style and cut. As you know I have short hair and it is rather tricky to find nice accessories that suit my hairstyle. For example normal headbands or hair circlets look really silly and feel super out of place when you have short hair like I have.
So okay I figured out that flower crowns actually don’t look that silly on short hair, but now here is the problem, where do I find the perfect one with the perfect colour that suits my outfits and the perfect size to fit my style? Nowhere! At least that’s how I feel (maybe I’m just to god damn picky as well).
The obvious solution for me is to make a flower crown myself, I love DIYs and this is definitely a rather easy one to do:
This is what you need:
This is how it works:
Use the thick wire to shape a circle that fits your head comfortably. Think about how you want to arrange the flowers before you start attaching them onto the circle. Use the thin wire to secure each flower on the circle. Make sure to cut the wire long enough so you are able to wrap it around the flower and the base several times.  You can choose to wrap flowers around the whole base or only cover the front 3/4 of the circle, depending on how full you want the crown to look.  Finished!
As you can see this is a very simple DIY and you can alter the crown so that it fits your personal style! I will try this DIY and of course will share how it turned out.

So what do you think about flower crowns? Fed up with them or still loving them? 

Much love xxx

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