Vintage Accessories: Jewellery and Handbags

Vintage Jewellery necklace bracelet
I hope I'm not boring you with all my vintage talk, but after I showed you my vintage sunglasses collection I thought I'd also share a few vintage jewellery pieces, as well as to handbags with you! The silver bracelets you can see above, where gifts I recieved from my grandma when I was 16, so I actually have them since quite a while. Both bracelets are handmade and from the 1920s.

Vintage Jewellery
 They have such nice and filigran details and I love the fact that they are from the 20s as it is an era I really love! I mean imagine Boardwalk Empire or The Great Gatsby the 20s were such a fabulous and chic era when it comes to fashion, so for me it's special to have a piece of it! 

The gold necklace you can see,  was giving to me by the lovely Sofia of SoLovesVintage. I like how simple the necklaces is, as it literally goes with anything! I normally go with bold statement necklaces so this is a bit different from what I normally go for, but I think it looks great to tube tops, or v-neck dresses! 
Vintage handbag
This vintage bag was giving to me by my other grandma and it actually used to be her theatre purse when she was young. You know at those days you'd have a nice sunday dress and also a theatre purse when you're older. I adore the silver  clasp, as its the epitome of beautiful vintage detail! 
Vintage embroidered handbag
You already seen a glips of this bag in my last post when I showed you the outfit I wore to the wedding! I think the bag speaks for itself, I mean what more can you say about those lovely embellishment! Btw SoLovesVintage has several really lovely vintage bags so if you are looking for one yourself check out their online store. You can find them on twitter as well!

Are you also a vintage lover?
Much love xxx

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