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How come it was easy to post my first outfit, my first DIY or put myself out there and just show god knows who what I like to wear, what I think looks nice or something I made myself; and why did it take me more than a week and several edits to finally put together this post? Because it’s a personal one, one that shows what I think. Suddenly this post feels so much more personal than showing the world wide web my face and my outfit in every angle, tweeting to hundreds of semi-strangers or sharing my latest snapshot on instagram. 

Why? Because it’s a post about putting yourself out there, voicing your opinion and finding a way that works for you.

It is not unusual for me two scroll through some of my favourite blogs and constantly think:

“Uh I should do such a feature on my blog as well!” 
“Oh that’s a great blog concept, would that work for me?”

But after thinking about it again, I often notice that yes it makes total sense for this blog, for this blogger but for me: Not really. A post I might love on other blogs, would maybe look forced or out of place on my blog. So what really works for me?

It might take me a while to find the perfect mix and perfect blog concept for me, but that’s alright who said you need to have everything sorted out perfectly straight away, that’s the fun thing of blogging that it’s a constant process, where you learn and grow. 

 I think I already found one missing piece of this puzzle, what is missing is a bit more Christina in Christinanista! So I will be adding honest, thoughtful and personal posts about how I see things, my opinions on controversial topics and my feelings regarding the blogging world!

 I feel strongly about writing about only what you love and believe readers can tell your passion for something instantly, so I think that’s the number one rule in finding what works for you: Stick to what you love and enjoy!

Whenever I see a blogger such as Susie Bubble, The Petite Anglaise or The Men Repeller, voice their opinion so openly and honestly, I notice that those posts are often the ones I enjoy the most. They instantly draw me in and make me keep reading. The huge discussion about Suzy Menkes article “The Circus of Fashion” and the fantastic replies from the ladies mentioned above had me caught up for days and I couldn’t get enough of this controversial topic. (See Susie's, The Petite Anglaise's and The Men Repeller's Replys here) So why shouldn’t I voice my opinion or share my thoughts, even if my opinions won’t be heard by as many, or written in such a flawless manner.

I am a very reflective person, who often thinks about stuff too much or too in depth, who day dreams and gets lost in her thoughts, so even if nobody will care about those kind of post, oh well, I feel like they will be a great creative outlet for me and a good addition to my other posts.

So there we go my first more personal and thoughtful blog post, kudos to you if you made it through, I know those kind of posts always tend to get sooo long and trust me I could have gone on for another two pages!

Much love xxx

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