Christinanista X Hidee: How to Carry your Heels with Style

Christinanista Hidee Handbag
It's time to reveal a little secret. You've seen my super high, pretty bow heels I wore in my last outfit post. Well although I would like to pretend and say I wear such high heels the whole entire day, I had a second pair of shoes with me that I was wearing casually before I switched into my lady like heels for dinner. There's nothing wrong with having a sneaky pair of flats with you, I mean nobody needs to know about it while you are rockin' sky high heels like you were born in them. Here is were this lovely Hidee bag comes into play: I hate having my heels or flats right next to all my other belongings and I don't like the thought of my phone cuddling up to a pair of pointy heels. Of course there was a clever lady that had the same thoughts and decided to design the Hidee bag that actually has a second compartment to store your shoes. (Or anything else you want to keep seperate)

Hidee london red handbag

Hidee handbag red

handbag and high heels
The founder of Hidee Caoilionn Hurley was kind enough to send me one of her exquisite bags to review. I loved the concept from the start and was delighted how this stunning leather bag looks and feels. When I first opened the lovely wrapped box I thought there was no way that my chunky high heels would fit into the bottom of the bag. I thought it be quite a challenge to get them in and out but it was the opposite of it. I have shoe size 6 to 7 in the UK (39-40 EU), so my shoes aren't particularly tiny and they fitted in perfectly and there was still room for air. The bag has a very clever design and cut, so even thought it has enough space for my shoes it still doesn't look super bulky. 

I've always been a fan of leather handbags, because I just love the way nice leather feels. I think it's a very modern touch to add some cuts and rifts to this very elegant and classy design. The bag is for me is timeless and an accessory I can see myself having and wearing no matter my age. This bag is part of their Shoulder Bag Collection and also comes with different coloured handels. 

Of course as the bag is red it's a bit harder to style and combine than just a normal, plain black handbag, but I'm actually quite happy about that. I like to really enjoy luxurious products like this, so for me this will not be my day to day handbag as I think it would be a pity to not reserve it for nice dinners, fancy outfits and special occasions. I think the red makes the bag stand out more and at the same time the shade is not to bright and not overwhelming.

Hidee has many different designs and also jewellery, so if you want to get one yourself you can either go visit them in their lovely shop in London or visit the Hidee website here and buy one online. 

So what do you think about the concept and the design of Hidee?

Much love xxx

Hidee | Unit 36, 88-90 Hatton Garden | Holborn | London | EC1N 8PG | United Kingdom

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