DIY See-Through Rhinestone Bracelet

DIY see through rhinestone bracelet
I really enjoy DIY projects and posts, so after I showed you the feather necklace I made I decided to make a very simple bracelet that catches your attention. It only takes a few steps to make and you can obviously create loads of different styles and designs, depending on the rhinestones you choose. I love see-through clutches and jewellery lately, as they look interesting, edgy and at the same time feminine and fashion forward. From far away you can hardly see the see-through fabric, so it almost looks like you're wearing the stones on your skin.

DIY bracelet how to make a rhinestone bracelet
Here are the few simply steps:

1) You will need a plastic, thick wrapper (make sure its easily bendable while at the same time not to thin). You can find it in an art supply shop or a hardware store. Also you need rhinestones of your choice, push buttons and super glue.

2) First lay out the pattern you want to create on your bracelet, as it can take some time playing around with the stones until you find the perfect shape.

3) Roughly measure your wrist and cut the plastic so the bracelet will fit loosely and you have enough space for the push buttons. Attache the stones with super glue. If you want to make sure no glue gets on your hands, use small tongs.

4) Glue the push buttons on the ends of the plastic after you found out the right position for them, so that the bracelet fits comfortable. You can also use push buttons that you have to sew on. 

5) Once you close the buttons, the stones might lift up a tiny bit on the edges, but should still stick well with the super glue. Keep that in mind when you choose the stones, the smaller you buy them the less they will lift up on the edges.

6) And there go, your see-through bracelet is done!

Btw I bought and extra amount of the see-through fabric and will be making a see though box clutch next! So watch out for my next DIY if you like those stylish little bags, that have been all over lookbook and the street.

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Much love xxx

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