Fabulous Fashionista: Gemma Talbot

Gemma Talbot Outfits what's in her wardrobe

It frequently happens to me that I sit down on my computer and plan on doing something for uni or answer emails and then end up scrolling through loads and loads of blogs and totally get lost in all those outfits, thoughts, reviews and posts of all kind. That's one of the great things about the world of blogging, it’s an almost endless source of inspiration. This is one of the reasons I enjoy my fabulous fashionista feature as it gives me the chance to introduce and support some of those bloggers that always keep me scrolling. Today it’s Gemma Talbot and her blog What’s in her Wardrobe!

I really enjoy her outfits, because you can straight away see a golden thread, that shows that she has found a great style for herself and knows how to stick to it while still being versatile. Lately she’s been totally obsessed with co-ords and so am I, another reason I love coming back to her blog, especially now that she posting all those edgy, fun and colourful outfits featuring coordinates.
I'm also a big fan of pastel and powdery colours as well as bold prints, so now it should be pretty clear why I enjoy her looks. 

I took even more notice of her blog, because I saw some street style pictures of Gemma during London Fashion Week last February and noticed that we’ve been around the same places at roughly the same times during LFW. Funny how small the blogging and fashion week world is, while still being huge at the same time.

I think her style is very chic, clean and edgy and who wouldn’t love her platform heels in pastel colours?

Find Gemma on Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin!

Much love xxx


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