My New Found Love for Pointy Heels and How to Style Them

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I remember when I was young and my parents would always tell me that when I’m older I would love all those vegetables and olives, that I really hated from the bottom of my heart at that time. Well back then I never believed them, but of course they were right and yes my taste buds changed. I now love almost all vegetables, still hate olives but oh well, maybe I’m still not old enough for them. 
If you are wondering whether I have lost the plot now and why I'm talking about vegetables when this post is about shoes, well that’s exactly how I feel about certain fashion items. Some pieces you just don’t appreciate when you are young and they start to grow on you when you grow up yourself. So what do pointy heels, artichokes and avocados have in common? I have learned to love them and am now actually obsessed with them now!

I used to always say I would never buy pointy heels, that they look mumsy, make my feet look gigantic and are definitely not fashion forward. It's no wonder that I don't agree with my old teenage-self, because to be fair I would never want to be dressed by my-old-self now! But let’s not go into my previous fashion faux pas, just now.

Let’s talk about those stunning heels and how to style them. Of course there are a million different ways of how to style pointy heels, as they are really versatile and always look chic, but here are two of my favourite ways of styling pointy heels.

Pointy Heels and Skinny Jeans/Boyfriend Jeans
pointy heels and boyfriend jeans
Picture credit from left to right: 1. 2. 3. 4. 

Pointy heels are naturally feminine and chic, so why not use a boyfriend jeans to create some contrast and a look that's cool and relaxed but still super glam. I also love skinny jeans combined with pointy heels, as it makes your legs look endless and because of the skinny leg, the attention is really drawn to the heels. 

Pointy Heels and Midi Skirts
pointy heels and midi skirt styling
Picture credit from left to right: 1. 2.3. 4. 5.
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I also love styling pointy heels with a wide cut midi skirt, that just flows beautifully and showcases your romantic side. I am generally a fan of circle skirts and pairing them with pointy heels, really pushes your look to the next level. 

Just to spill some beans: I am actually planning on wearing a grey lace midi skirt and pointy silver heels at the first day of London fashion week, so you’ll definitely see a picture of the way I style pointy heels. 

Is there a fashion item you newly fell in love with or re-discovered?

Much love xxx

Where to buy the Heels:
1. Valentino Heels: Net-a-porter                                7. Kurt Geiger Bebe: Kurt Geiger
2. Blue Reptile Heels: Zara                                         8. Jimmy Choo Houry: Nordstorm
3. Asos Heels: Asos                                                    9. New Look Heels: Asos
4. Jessica Simpson Cecerre: Nordstorm                    10. Gianvito Rossi: Brown Fashion
5. Black Stiletto: Zara                                                11. Zara Heels: Tradesy
6. Rupert Sanderson Heels: Stylebop                        12. Steve Madden: Nordstorm

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