Simple Braided DIY Bracelet Tutorial

DIY braided bracelets

After showing you how to create a stylish see-through rhinestone bracelet I will today show you another rather simple bracelet tutorial on how to make braided bracelets in different colours and styles. One of the reasons why I love DIY's: you decide on how the end product looks and you will always have a very unique piece of jewellery or accessory that perfectly suits your taste and style! So feel free to vary this DIY to make it suit you.

step by step diy braclets
First up is a thin braided bracelet out of leather and a link chain:

1. You'll need two different coloured leather strings and a link chain, as well as a hook to close the bracelet. You can of course choose different sized or coloured strings, to achieve a different look. 

2. Measure your wrist and cut the strings and chain about 1 1/2 time longer than your wrist is, as you will lose length through braiding.

3. Connect the leather strings and the chain. For me the easiest way to do so is to open one link of the chain and then to drill it through both leather strings and close the link again. If you want you can also glue or sew the strings and chain together. 

4. Braid all 3 strings together and connect them again like you did in step 3 once you have reached the end of your strings. 

5. Attach a hook to the bracelet so you will be able to easily close it.

6. Your bracelet is finished and of course you can now experiment with different colours and shapes or create a matching bracelet, if you like wearing multiple bracelets at once.

diy gold bracelets
 Now I'll show you how to create more of a statement piece, a thicker bracelet out of two link chains.

1. You will need one thick link chain that you'll half, as well as a thick thread or a leather string like the ones I used. As well as a hook to close the bracelet.

2. Simply lay both of your link chains next to each other and connect them by braiding them together with your string. Make sure to braid evenly, which means for example always pull the string from bottom to the top on the left chain and then from the top to the bottom on the right side. If you always do it differently, your bracelet will end up crooked.

3. Braid until you have reached the end of your chains and double check if it looks even.

4. Attach a hook to be able to close it easily.

5. You can create different looking bracelets by choosing thicker or thinner link chains or a different coloured string.

6. There you go, you're statement bracelet is done.

If there is a particular DIY you would like to see or a certain piece of jewellery or accessory you would like to learn how to make, let me know in the comments or tweet me!

Much love xxx

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