Stylish Tech Accessory Must-Haves and Iconemesis Introduction

Stylish Tech Gadgets

I never really used to care about phones or fancy tech gadgets. Believe it or not I never had a smartphone until I bought a used Iphone 4s last April. I was a smartphone-less blogger without whatsapp who’s using twitter on a laptop, how antiquated! But times have changed I wouldn’t want to miss my phone or Ipad no more, as they do come in very handy and oh all those phone cases, headphones and stylish little gadgets. I don’t care about the newest processor or best software or having siri (seriously do you really use that little lady in your phone, I don’t). What I do care about are great designs and versatile gadgets, so I have put together a little overview of techy accessories that would turn anyone into a tech loving geek.

I feel like I’ve seen next to every blogger with a moschino Iphone case, may it be the rabbit case or the all so famous fries, but I personally love the black classic version with a thin gold chain. I’m sure you also have seen those lovely white nastygal headphones in some lay-downs before, they just look super stylish in pictures and are versatile enough too suit every outfit. Having little speakers with you on a vacation is just perfect when you are looking forward to some nice sound while relaxing on the beach and those cute little pink cubes will definitely fit into any hand luggage.

One thing I noticed that annoys me about having an Iphone is that my battery goes down waaay to quickly and it happened several times now that my battery died when I needed my phone the most. That’s why I love this stylish yet lifesaving phone charger by Ban.Do that you can easily carry around with you all day to give your phone a lifeline.

There are millions of different phone cases and the two you can see on top are definitely some of my favourite ones and I love finding new designs and brands that are not as common, like Iconemesis!

Fify Lapin Phone Case Iconemesis

I have received this lovely Fifi Lapin Iphone case from Iconemesis last week and find it adorable. I love Fifi Lapin’s blog concept to begin with and adore her illustrations so I was delighted to now be able to carry them around with me.

Iconemesis also offers Iphone cases by other independent artists and illustrators and they are all stunning. One case costs around £20, so having a unique and interesting case from Iconemesis is definitely affordable as well!

If you want to find out a bit more about Iconemesis, you can watch their campaign here and even help them launch even more products and design. 

So what stylish tech accessories have you been loving lately?

Much love xxx

Where to buy the Products:
1. Frends Taylor Headphones: NastyGal
2. Dannijo Phone Case: ShopBop
3. Back Me Up Phone Charger: Ban.Do
4. Will.I.Am Lux I Phone Drop Case: Selfridges
5. Arnsdorf Crystal Case: Society 6
6. Frends Earbuds: Nordstorm
7. Marc by Marc Jacob Tablet Case: ShopBop
8. Isound Compact Speakers: Nordstorm
9. Mollaspace Microphone Speakers: iVillage
10. iHome iPhone Boombox: iVillage
11. Jonathan Adler Phone Dock: ShopBop
12. Moschino iPhone Purse Case: ShopBop

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