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Next week Tuesday I am off to London for LFW, I've been busy organising the trip making sure I can make the most out of it and take a full dose of fashion, style, trends, catwalk shows and events home. So before it's going to be all out fashion week and street style talk next week I wanted to share the looks and style of Victoria, who writes In The Frow. Well here blog name references fashion weeks front row,but that's not the reason I chose her as a Fabulous Fashionista, it's because 1) I am totally in love with purple hair as you can see from my purple hair chalk post and 2) I believe we will be seeing a lot of pastels, prints, dyed hair and feminine cuts on London's street during fashion week, so her looks are definitely going to get you in the mood for that.

Fabulous Fashionista Blogger In the Frow

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Whenever I choose I blogger for this feature I end up with someone who has a style that I can relate to, that uses elements I love myself. At the same time they dress different to me, maybe prefere different cuts, other patterns or just style something different than I would. Exactly this is what I love about fashion you can even buy the exact same piece or go after the same trend but it ends up looking different and unique on each of us.

Victoria obviously has a fantastic style that really suits her and her outfits are very inspirational. The purple hair gives her that certain edge and goes well with her love for soft colours and interesting prints.

She has just recently won the Company Blogger Award for Best Style Blogger and in my opinon its very much deserved. Another thing I love about her blog, is that she takes most of her pictures in a very personal setting: her bedroom. I normally go crazy trying to find the next nice spot to take pictures at and honestly never thought pictures taken in you apartment can look so professional, clean and simply great. It really gives you the feeling you are able to see a snap shot of her daily looks before she leaves the house.

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Much love xxx

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