Klaus Kobec Watches: Timeless Elegance

Klaus Kobec Watches Black White
When it comes to accessories like necklaces, I normally go for colorful, bold ones, with loads of rhinestones and might even buy a trend piece, for one outfit in particular. However, to be honest I normally only wear a necklace for one season and then buy a different version. When it comes to watches I go for the exact opposite concept. My perfect watch as to be chic, timeless, elegant and has to be a piece that I could see myself wearing 20 years from now. I've been struggling to find exactly that kind of watch and now finally found two beautiful watches by Klaus Kobec, which I feel will accompany me for quite some years.  

Klaus Kobec Watch White

Klaus Kobec is a brand that has been making watches for over 15 years now and it definitely shows in their design, as they know exactly what fabrics and colours work together to achieve feminine and elegant looks. The white watch you see on top is made out of white genuine leather, stainless steel and Swarovski crystals, as well as a clock-face that has a beautiful pearl shimmer. What I love about it, is that it really works well with any kind of outfit, it draws attention without looking to overboard and of course it's really timeless. 

Klaus Kobec Watch Black

This black Klaus Kobec watch works really well with more casual outfits and is a perfect day to day watch, while still looking chic and high class. I've always loved the combination of black and gold and the ceramic bracelet looks classic and cool. The black watch, as well as the white watch, is a real eye-catcher and has the perfect size.  I personally don't like when women's watches are overly huge and look out of place on a feminine wrist. So therefore I feel like the Klaus Kobec watches fill out my wrist nicely without looking huge. 

Btw I also love the boxes watches are stored in, it's so nice to open them for the first time and it's almost like you are opening a treasure chest, with a hidden gem inside. I guess you can tell that I really like both of the watches, so don't be surprised to see them in future outfit posts. I will be wearing the white watch together with one of my LFW outfits, so you'll be able to see how I would style the watch for a special occasion. 

If you want to find out more about Klaus Kobec and their watches you can find them here:
Klauskobec.de        Twitter        Instagram            Pinterest        

So how does your perfect watch need to look?

Much love xxx

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