Oang-Oaj Pairam SS15 Collection at London Fashion Week

Oang Oaj Pairam SS15 collection LFW
Following a designer throughout several seasons really allows you to understand their signature and aesthetic much more and gives you the opportunity to see many facets of the creativity of a designer. In February I showed you Oang-Oaj Pairams AW14 collection, so I’m excited to show you his Spring Summer collection now, as I feel you need to at least see two collections of a designer, to start knowing and understanding their creations.
Oang Oaj Pairam london fashion week

As you can see Oang-Oaj’s SS15 collection has a very soft and feminine colour palette and incorporates feminine and classic shapes. The design feels current, while at the same time taking on some lovely vintage inspired shapes and details. Like for instance the bustier tops and high waisted flared pants take you on a journey through different eras, while the tailoring and execution of the pieces take you back to the here and now.

london fashion week menswear
Loved seeing some menswear pieces in this collection. I didn't make it to the London Fashion Week Men's Collection earlier this year, so was excited to see this floral short suits. I find menswear to be very inspiring as well and love incorporating tailored, structured menswear aspects into my own looks. 

london fashion week oang oaj pairam

The runway show, also featured some really eye catching couture garments. The broad, voluminous skirts almost filled up the whole runway, making the dresses look like gigantic cupcakes. I love the fact the designer chose a very sleek and understated hairstyle for the models, as it didn’t distract from the garments, as well as the wonderful necklines and made the models look very sophisticated and strong.

london fashion week oang oaj pairam ss15

Reading through the press release of Oang-Oaj Pairam’s collection, the first sentences really captivated me and drew a picture of the setting that inspired the designs:

“Worms of bean paste in shades of neon pink and green swirl in coconut cream. Lit on the streets under thousands of migraine inducing strip lights. By day the colour of the city, all vivid pinks, greens and blues soon adopt pastel hues faded by the tropical sun.”

Much love xxx

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