Frankfurt Style Awards: Young Design Talents

Frankfurt Style Awards 2014

A lot of my posts have been about UK designers and London Fashion Week lately, so I’m excited to also share a post about an event I attended in Germany, called The FrankfurtStyle Awards. The event was all about showcasing new international designers and was held at the Frankfurt airport. The event was the big finale of a design competition, where design students from all over the world where competing to be picked to showcase their looks in front of a well renowned audience in Frankfurt. The runwayshow showcasing the finalist’s designs was as diverse as it could possibly be, from fantastic and innovative looks that were really well made to ones that were not so mind blowing and rather questionable. To say that there was a to talk about at this event  is definitely an understatement, so I hope you enjoy seeing what young designers come up with as much as I did!

Frankfurt Style Awards Exhibition

Exhibition pieces by Henties

The theme of the event was United Diversity and the designers competed in the categories UniForm, UniSex and UniCult. The last category was my personal favourite as it featured more avant-garde and daring looks. It was great to see that the designers didn’t shy away from designing bold statement or creating a look that has a political message. They really let their creativities run free which led to a very interesting runway show. 

Frankfurt Style Awards runway show

Frankfurt Style Awards Runway Show

As I had a press wristband, I was allowed to move freely during the runway show and be able to see the designs up close and from different angles. Some of the looks were impeccably tailored, which was very impressive keeping in mind that the designers, are still studying at uni. Some of the designers competing are in their early years of studying fashion design, so it’s also not surprising that some outfits looked unfinished and a bit crafty.

Frankfurt Style Awards Runway Show

The event was very well organised with lovely food and drinks during the event and a really fun after party at the Sheraton hotel bar next door to the venue. I certainly didn’t go home hungry or thirsty. The event had a great atmosphere and a lot of different guests were present. One of the highlights of the night was also spending time with Wakila, a fellow fashion blogger who runs the blog Hello Black. As you know I love connecting with other bloggers, so it was great to be able to have some blogging talk and experience the evening together.

Frankfurt Style Awards
Me and Wakila
I also want to say thank you to the PRP Kronberg PR company who invited me to the event and also provided a lovely hotel room for me, so that I was able to just fall into a cosy bed after the event, not needing to worry about how to get back to Munich!

Much love xxx

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