How I Got to The Topshop Unique SS15 Runway Show and Met Anna Wintour

Topshop Unique SS15 Front Row

In my last post you saw what I wore on Day 3 of LFW and to the Topshop Unique, so this post is going to be all about my experience at the Topshop show. Normally when reviewing a runway show I would mainly focus on the clothing and designs itself as that’s really what it should be about. However due to the fact that the Topshop show is one of the shows that is reported about the most, I feel like you probably have seen the looks already and maybe also interested in hearing how I got there and how the experience was. So let’s start from the beginning.

Topshop Unique SS15 Outfit

Day 3 of LFW looked to be a very relaxing day with not too many runway shows, so I decided to go to the Topshop Showspace before the show and try and take some nice streetstyle pictures and potentially see a couple of known faces. When I arrived I was first a bit disappointed as the location really didn’t leave much space for the many people waiting in front of it, nor did it provide a nice background for steetstyle pictures. 

While standing around and looking at what people wore I was suddenly approached by a lady who waved a Topshop ticket at me, I was seriously confused and didn’t get what she was saying to me. When I finally caught on to what was going on I already held the ticket in my hand and realized she just gifted it to me. I found out later the lady was part of the buying team of Topshop and that it sometimes happens that they give out a ticket last minute if they notice they have a leftover.

Before I knew it I was inside the venue and placed myself right at the entrance to make sure I wouldn’t miss anyone coming in. When the queen of fashion finally arrived it actually took people a bit to notice her but once the photographers spotted her there was no holding back and the entire time before the show, she was surrounded by a bunch of photographers. Of course I had to take the opportunity and take some shots as well!

Anna Wintour Front Row Topshop Unique

Another person I was delighted to see was Alexa Chung, who seriously looks even prettier and sweeter live than in pictures. She wore a cut outfit as usual and a totally gorgeous Chanel bag. After the show I actually walked out the venue right behind her and I kind of felt the urge of poking her, never mind just one of those weird things you think when finding yourself in an unexpected situation.
I just mentioned two celebrities so far but tof course there were a whole lot more: Daisy Lowe, Pixie Geldof, Poppy Delevigne, Sir Philip Green, Hailee Steinfield, Ellie Goulding, Bryan Boy, Leandra Medine.

Alexa Chung at Topshop Unique SS15Alexa Chung Outfit Topshop Unique Channel Bag

Nevertheless I don’t want my tale of meeting Anna Wintour overshadow the fact that this was a very important fashion event and I felt blessed to be able to see the designs live in front of me. It shouldn’t just be all about celebrities and the gliz and the glam, otherwise fashion week pretty much loses its cause, so let’s finish this post with what it really should be about: The collection! 

Topshop Unique SS15 Runway Picture
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So I hope you got a bit of an insight into how it was to be at such a major show and I also hope you like this super sporty and feminine collection!

Much love xxx

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