London Fashion Week Outfit Day 3 and Hope ST Magazine Party

LFW Street Style Outfit Print Blazer

Here is my London Fashion Week Outfit on Day 3, which was one of the best days of LFW, simply for the fact that I was able to go to the Topshop Unique SS15 show that day! Honestly if I would have known that I will be standing opposite of Anna Wintour that day, I would have probably picked a more extravagant look, but when I got dressed I had no clue that I would be at one of the important shows of LFW just a few hours later. I will tell you more about the show and how I got one of those more than popular tickets in my next post, but for now let's look at what I wore, when I saw Anna Wintour for the first time.

London Fashion Week Street Style SS15

I bought this lovely print blazer and matching skirt from H&M on sale so it was a crazy good bargain, because I think the fabric and print make the pieces look a lot more expensive. I totally love matchy matchy looks and also adore co-ords, like for example the lace co-ord I wore on Day 1 of LFW.

If you compare my hair colour in this post with the colour it was in the post before, you can maybe see that already the colour as a lighter, more pastel feel to it, which I totally love. That's another thing I love about temporary hair dye, it fades out with every wash so you basically constantly have a slightly different hair colour, perfect for someone that gets bored really quickly.

So this is how my rather relaxed schedule looked like:

11.30 Apu Jan 
12.30 Xiao Li
15:00 Topshop Unqiue
20.00 Hope St Magazine Party 

I went to the Hope St Magazine Party in the evening, which was held at Café Kaizen in Mayfair. It was a super relaxed and fun party with a great crowd and fruity cocktails. The magazine itself it amazing, I love the illustrations, the super edgy and outside the box editorials, as well as the interesting and straight forward content.

Hope St Magazine Issue 3 Cover

 I also love the mix of music, art and fashion and think they truly speak for a fashion fearless generation! I personally think no online website can really compete with a high class, well made magazine, nothing is better than seeing an editorial printed right in front of you.

Much love xxx

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