15 Stylish Sportswear Picks for Autumn/Winter

After the launch of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection, all I can think about is stylish sportswear and activewear that you can wear in the gym as well as on a daily basis. I actually bought some of the Alexander Wang x H&M pieces and absolutely love them. The great thing about active and sportswear is that it's always comfortable and normally always made out of rich materials and impeccable made to keep up with heavy usage in the gym. In Spring and Summer it was all about bright and neon colours, but for the colder months I think it's going to be all about soft rosé and beige and mostly cold grey shades, shiny silver and of course heavy black. Have a look trough the slideshow I made to find out what my Top 15 Stylish Sportswear Picks!

Designer collaborations been absolutely amazing lately, from the already mentioned Alexander Wang x H&M to Adidas by Stella McCartney and Riccardo Tisci x Nike, if been loving a high fashion designer touch on highstreet clothing. 

You might say fancy, stylish workout gear is only something for the typical instagrammer, that posts their brand new nikes next to a picture of a green smoothie and perfectly draped berries on a acai bowl. However the effect of having brand new workout clothing that looks stylish and that you want to wear is not to be underestimated.
It's like when you buy a new pair of heels that you love, you just want to wear them as soon as possible and as much as possible, the same thing happens when you have a new set of sportswear, it will make you want to go to the gym instantly!

So investing money in gym wear you love to wear might be the first step to finally reaching your fitness goal and really motivating you to hit the gym more often. As I have some fitness goals on my own I will definitely keep you up to date and share some more tips on how to get fit with you!

Much love xxx 

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