Blogging Talk: My Opinion on Blog Stats and Numbers

I think it’s time to have another blogging chat, specifically I would like to tell you my opinion about blog stats, amount of followers and whether or not to care about those numbers or not.
First of all, I care about my blog stats, I love checking them out every day, analyze what post are popular and love getting a feel for how many and what kind of people read my blog.
I also love reading blogging guides and soak up every advice a fellow blogger gives. The only thing that annoys me is that I keep reading that the best way to gain traffic and followers is to purely focus on your content and not pay attention to your blog statistics. 

The argument that follows is always the same: statistics can demotivate you, if they are not as high as you wish and chasing after high pageviews can lead to a lower quality blog and content. To be fair, yes they have a point here, if looking at your stats makes you depressed and want to quit your blog, maybe you shouldn’t focus on them at all and yes some people might be willing to sacrifice the quality of their blog in order to have more hits, but if you do so you obviously missed the point of blogging.

If I personally see my pageviews go down, it actually motivates me! It makes me want to write more frequently, produce even better content and interact with even more people. I find going through my google analytics to be really interesting and I kind of think it's a part of blogging. We are all aware of the fact that some people read our blogs and as long as I am not just writing a travel diary for my close family and friends, then I think we should know a little bit about the people who read our thoughts. As a blogger you don't write in your diary, we all post online for the world to see.

Let me give another example why this topic has been all over my brain. A couple of months ago I read a famous famous blogger give advice on blogging and when asked how she achieved such huge numbers of followers and hits, she simply said: do not focus on number, they will come on their own. She also metioned that she just blogged and suddenly the followers got more and more.

Honestly I can’t really believe that, I mean yes if you are talking about 500 followers they can just come naturally by posting regular and not carrying about your stats, but in my opinion (and you might disagree) it is not possible to just “suddenly without noticing” have 200.000 followers. I don’t think you get a blog with such a wide reach without knowing something about your audience and which of your posts are popular, therefore looking at your statistics. 

With saying you should ignore your stats to be successful as they will just distract you, it almost makes me feel judged for actually carrying about them a lot. Like I’m not selling my soul, I’m not changing my identity for some hits and as you see from my post about staying true to yourself in the world of blogging, I stick to my principles. I get excited with every new follower and love seeing that more and more people are visiting my blog, it makes me proud and work twice as hard.

So my actual advice would be look at your blog statistic and use them as a powerful tool to get closer to your readers and motivate you along the way!

So to end this blog in a positive and motivational I have this lovely little Insider’s Guide to Blogging for you that was created by Farfetch

What's your opinion on blog statistic and blogger advice?

Much love xxx

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