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Bleach London Review Hair DyeBleach London Review Hair Dye
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I’m totally obsessed with BleachLondon Hair Colours! I’ve been loving pastel hair for quite a while now and you’ve seen me with pastel purple hair during London Fashion Week as well. I didn’t really have any experience lately with bleaching my hair or achieving a perfect pastel hair colour, but after researching for quite a while and watching endless youtube tutorials, I’m totally happy with the results I have achieved! I’m going to talk to you about how I dyed my natural blonde hair pastel pink, how I bleached my natural blonde hair white bleblonde and how I turned my white blonde hair pastel purple!

My natural hair colour is a dark blonde with some lighter ends, so I decided to try and apply the Bleach London Bruised Violet Non-Permanent Hair Dye directly onto my natural hair without bleaching or dying it lighter first. In the instructions of Bleach London Colours it says you are supposed to apply the colour onto towel dry hair and leave it in for max. 15 minutes and it will last for up to 10 washes. When I first tried it I only left it in for about 7 minutes and achieved a purple tone with slight violet shine, but as I hadn’t left it in for long it faded out pretty quickly. So I gave it another try and left it in for the whole 15 minutes. My hair turned out really bright violet and as I thought it was a bit to full on I washed my hair a couple of times to fade the colour out slightly. Here you can see the end result:

Bleach London Bruised Violet Review

Bruised Violet by Bleach London actually works a whole lot better than I thought so if you want to achieve a subtle colour that is not too bright I would recommend leaving it in for 10 minutes. If you naturally have dark hair you could either dye it a bit lighter or also straight away apply it onto your natural dark hair, as the colour is rather strong and I believe it will catch on dark hair as well!

Bleach London Total Bleach Kit Review

I wore my hair pink for quite a while so thought I wanted to change it again. I always wanted to have a white blonde a là Gwen Stefani, but was always a bit worried about bleaching my hair at home, as a lot of stuff can go wrong. I went to buy 2 Bleach London Total Bleach Kits, to have a back up package in case it wouldn’t be enough. I definitely recommend purchasing 2 packs at least as you really need to cover every bit of your hair to achieve an even result.  The kit comes with a brush and container to mix the bleach, so it was rather easy to apply, although it took me a while to spread it everywhere.

No matter what hair colour you have may it be black, brown or blonde, when the bleach starts to work your will definitely at some point turn orange or yellow before it turns white. Don’t freak out when you see your hair get yellow and don’t wash it out, you have to leave it on for the whole time to achieve a proper white blonde. It’s the natural structure of any hair, to have the yellow and orange particles fad out last. I must admit I freaked out for a second as well but after the time was up I already had a pretty solid white blonde result.

Bleach London Total Bleach Kit How To

At the end I was left with a fantastic result of white blonde hair, but just to make sure I also used the Bleach London White Toner, to make absolutely sure I won’t have any yellow streaks when outside in the sun or weird lightening. I totally hate any yellow in blonde and the toner is really great, to give your hair a silvery white blonde shine.

After bleaching my hair of course felt dry and a bit weird, so I used the John FriedaMiraculous Recovery Intensive Masque, which works wonders for real if you apply it thickly onto your whole hair and leave it on for an hour under a warm towel.

Bleach London Violet Skies Review

Last but not least I was totally tempted to then go pastel purple a week after, as I figured the results would be the best on bleached hair. I chose to mix BleachLondon Violet Skies and Bruised Violet, as I read that Violet Skies didn’t have a very strong effect when used by itself (this btw is the great thing about Bleach London and other non-permanent colours you can actually mix them to get the perfect tone). The rest was simple I applied the dye and left it on for around 10 minutes, then I washed it out and applied some more dye only to the ends of my hair, to have a slight ombré look.

If you are interested in finding out more about how I use Bleach London Products or if you have questions about bleaching your hair at home, feel free to comment, email or tweet me!

Much love xxx

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