Simple DIY Pearl Bracelets

DIY Pearl Bracelets
I'm back with a new simple DIY post! I love DIY's that don't need a lot of preparation and this is exactly one of those, because all you really need are pearls or beads and thin leather string in different colours. I often find it a waste of money to buy fancy jewellery clasps, because although the look really nice, they are crazy expensive especially when you plan on making several bracelets. That's way I will also show you two different way to fasten your bracelets with having to buy any extra tools or equipment!

DIY Pearl Bracelet Tutorial

First of all I'm showing you how to make a woven bracelet with pearls, that is super easy to make but looks really pretty.

1) You'll need round pearls of your choice and a thin leather strings in the colour of your choice. You should definitely go with a string that is sturdy as it will make it easier to get the pearls in the right position and hold them there.

2) Take 3 strands of your string, knot them together and leave out a little hoop of string on the top. Start braiding your strings.

3) Once you feel you have reached the point where you want the beads to start, place a bead on the outside string. Keep braiding your strings and always attach a bead on the outside strings on both the left and the right side. Don't place any beads on the middle string and make sure you hold the string and pearls tight while braiding, that way you will have an even bracelet at the end.

4) Continue with the beads until you feel there are enough and start just braiding the strings again without beads.To be able to fasten the bracelet make a double knot with all 3 strings at the end, which will be able to just about fit through the hoop you made at the top. If you place the knot through he hoop the bracelet will fasten and be easily opened as well

DIY Pearl Bracelets
Here you can see the end result and different variations in colour and pearls. 
Up next I'd like to show you an even simpler bracelet that looks really minimalstic and therefore great in combination with other thin bracelets. 

DIY Pearl Bracelets Tutorial

I just used basic silver beads and a purple string and placed the beads all in a row in the middle of the string. I also created a hoop on one end and tide a little button on the other end to close the bracelet. I think using a hoop and a button is one of the easiest and cutest ways of closing up a bracelet or necklace, as you can also play around with different shapes and colours of buttons and I bet you have a couple of spare ones lying around somewhere. 

DIY Pearl Bracelets Tutorial

This is just a different variation of the first bracelet, here I used round and squared beads to create a more interesting look. You can basically choose any shape of bead you want but I feel that a mix of round and squared or triangle shapes work the best.

DIY Pearl Bracelets

So this is basically how all the bracelets look put together and I definitely like how simple they are as you can add them to any kind of other jewellery or just pair loads of different once together.
I hope you liked this DIY tutorial and I will be showing you some DIY clutches soon!

Much love xxx

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