EYEVAN 7285 Collection Launch in Munich

Last week I got the chance to go to the launch of a new and very exciting eyewear brand, called EYEVAN 7285 in Munich. As I said in an earlier post, I want to more and more show you what’s going on in Munich and how the fashion scene here looks, to make my blog even more versatile and international (of course I will continue, having my eye on the London fashion scene including LFW as well!).  The launch was held in a lovely eyewear boutique, called Brillen Schneider, which is based in the lively and stylish university district and happened to be two streets away from my flat. Never had a more relaxed journey to an event!  EYEVAN 7285 is a Japanese eyewear brand that focuses on timeless designs, exquisite craftsmanship and high quality materials. The designers have their fingers on the pulse and create pieces that I can see being worn by fashion conscious people around the world. 

 I decided to take Trevor along with me to the event, as I know he loves anything to do with Japan and is a person that can totally rock and kind of glasses. You know there are people with that universal face, on which most glasses and hats look custom made, well that’s certainly not me but with EYEVAN’s collection that includes 46 variations and 11 styles anyone can find their perfect match. 

 Some of my favourite pieces from the collection shown were the clip on glasses, with detachable tinted lenses, which allow you to switch from cool vintage sunglasses to slick retro reading glasses. The eyewear boutique Schneider, where the launch took place, displays so many innovative and interesting designer pieces and eyewear, that it’s no surprise they are the first store in Germany to sell the new EYEVAN 7285 glasses, as they clearly have an eye for what’s going to be the next big thing.  

 It was such a well organised lovely event with a lot of interesting people and the most delicious sushi and dumplings, as well as a litchi aperitif, so I more than enjoyed this event. Thanks for We Love PR for inviting me along!  

If you would like to shop the EYEVAN collection or want to take a look at the other stunning glasses at Brillen Schneider, you can visit them here or follow them on Facebook

Brillen Schneider
Amalienstr. 33
80799 München

What glasses typ are you, can you were any shapes or do you prefer certain designs and what do you think of the EYEVAN 7285 collection?

Much love xxx

Images Sources: Pictures 1-3 Marc Wittkowski Pictures 4-8 myself

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