Through Back Post: London Street Style Inspirations

 I've not been feeling very creative lately when it comes to my outfit choices. I've been going for my much loved lace blouses, blazers and bodycon skirts, as well as some statement necklaces, print and pastel here and there. I love those kind of outfit and feel like they make a lot of sense for me, however I lately felt the need for some new input and new inspirations. That's exactly why I went back and had a look at the street style picture I took during London Fashion Week last September. For me there's nothing better than looking at a great variety of different people's styles and outfits, which they carefully picked for an event like LFW!

After I come home from Fashion Week, I always feel very inspired by the runway shows and London itself, as well as the street styles all around me. Blogposts in the months after a London trip just come naturally and I feel like I have tones to share and talk about. I am really looking forward to LFW again, because I desperately need some new input. But has it's not February yet and I obviously can't just rely on such massive events so inspire me, I have to find other ways to keep the creative juices flowing. 

 I will definitely take a lot more pictures of what's going on around me here in Munich and will also keep my notebook with me at all times to make sure I can instantly write down ideas and anything else that comes to mind. I definitely believe that you can be inspired by anything and although I believe London has more to offer than Munich when it comes to fashion, it's important for me to keep my mind and eyes open and really take in what's around me as well!

This through back post is a lot of fun for me and I think it would have been a shame not to share some of those street style pictures I took, with you. I hope this gave you some input and inspiration as well and I will definitely go through my closet now and have a look what gem's are hiding in the back!

Much love xxx

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