How to Organise your Closet

I’m one of those girls that when trying to find an outfit to wear, I tend to pull out pieces out of my closet and then through it right back in (or on the chair next to it) if I don’t feel like wearing them. I never plan an outfit beforehand so I literally go with whatever I feel like in the morning and as I like to sleep as long as I can it really gets last minute that my outfit is chosen. Now here is the problem because my wardrobe those tend to get a bit messy, with me pulling out stuff and throwing it back in, I feel like I often don’t even know what clothes I actually own. I mean the surprise of finding a long lost dress in the back is pretty exciting but really I would have wished to have found it when I had one of those “I don’t have nothing to wear” days. Therefore I’ve started properly organising my closet because getting dressed is even more enjoyable when you are presented with beautifully arranged clothes, shoes and accessories, so here are my top tips to get your closet perfectly organized, no matter the size you’ve got!

#1 Get Rid of Your Old Clothes. I bet there are items in your closet that you always think oh at some point I might wear it, it’s not too bad but really you’ve never worn it and actually it’s not quite your thing otherwise you would have. So give your closet a good raid and sell all unwanted items on a market or car boot sell and spend the money on pieces you really like or maybe on some new equipment to organise your closet!
#2 What You Don’t See You Don’t Wear. You will forget quickly what you have in your closet if you don’t see all your pieces and then you end up wearing the same pieces over and over, which isn’t’ necessarily a bad thing but you will wear them down quicker and get bored of them at some point. The more you can hang the better, so if you can find any extra space to add a horizontal bar, it will help you to see all your clothes and makes storing away your clothes a lot easier.

#3 Use Your Closet Doors Wisely. The doors of your closet are the perfect place to store accessories like belts and scarves, by adding small hooks  or if you have the space small wire baskets.
#4 Store Away Seasonal Clothing. No matter how small your flat is, you’ll always find a place somewhere to store your heavy winter jackets in summer. If you don’t have a basement, cellar or separate closet, store them for example in containers under your bed. This has the same effect as tip number #1: you’ll simply have more space to enjoy the items you really will wear according to the temperatures.
#5 Place Shoes On Bookshelf. Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting to place all of your shoes out on display as your gym trainer, don’t really need to be in the middle of the room, but I’m sure you have a some really nice shoes that are more than suitable to be displayed in your room and that don’t need to take up space in a shoe shelve. Shoes can perfectly fit in a simple book shelve (which is btw cheaper than an actual shoe shelve and you won’t see the difference. Place them in right shoe toe out and left shoe heel out to see the shoe all around.
#6 Organise Your Clothes By Colour. You might think that it’s totally overrated to organise your clothing by colour but everyone who love fashion and clothing, love the sight of a beautiful closet. Even if you don’t have a gorgeous walk in clothing, organsing everything by colour will make you feel like you have a really sophisticated closet and clothes. If you think you don’t have time to sort your folded items by colour, just go for the hanging once, as they are really easily colour coded with a view drag and drops.
#7 Add Lights To Your Closet. If you don’t already have a light pointing right at your closet than you should think about putting some small light inside the closet or close to it, so it can shine in and reveal all your pieces. Also adding some direct light will make all your pieces look even better and make you excited to get dressed in the morning.
#8 Use Coordinated Hangers. You might have to invest in a few more hanger, but having all hanger of the same make will give your closet a much cleaner look and will make it easier for you to fit in as much hanger as possible. Choose wooden hanger (for example from IKEA 8 for 4€) to give your clothing extra stability. 

Do you have any other tips and trick on how to organise your closet, or does yours Need a revamp as well?

Much love xxx

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