My Favourite Statement Necklaces

Admittingly wearing statement necklaces isn’t a trend that just popped up and we’ve certainly been seeing statement necklaces for what feels like decades on street style blogs. However that doesn’t change my love for those oversized blinged out stunners! You know some trends you really get tired of after one season, because they’ve simply been in your face too much, but statement necklaces never get old for me. Lately I’ve actually seen a drift towards very simplistic jewellery that just adds a small sophisticated touch to minimalistic outfits. Although I adore a lady that can pull of that I-Didn’t-Even-Have-To-Try-Look, it’s just not for me. I love a simple blouse that is turned into a true eye catcher by adding a bold necklace, so I surely will be sticking with the old but good trend of wearing statement necklaces, so here are my favourite ones!

By the way I am only a fan of big and bold jewellery in terms of necklaces. For example I don’t necessarily wear huge chunky rings, as I have short fingers (that also go into weird directions) and a big ring wouldn’t really be a good look. I also hardly ever wear oversized earrings, so because I actually don’t wear much jewellery besides necklaces anyways, I feel I can easily go big or go home in terms of necklaces without looking like an overly draped Christmas tree. I think it’s always important to keep a balance and stick to things that suit you and make sense for you. Therefore I have no problem rocking statement necklaces for many more years, until I finally can’t see them anymore. Not sure if that will ever happen thought!
Buy the necklace* here: House of Fraser

The necklace you can see on top is my most recent addition to my statement necklace collection and it came with  beautiful matching bracelet.
The necklace is from Coast and I had it send to me by House of Fraser, which is definitely one of my favourite department stores!
I used to always get my makeup and jewellery from House of Fraser, when I still lived in London and I'm so glad that you can actually have all the items from the House of Fraser website delievered to most countries in the world. 

Do you have a certain trend that you just can’t let go?

Much love xxx

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