My Teatox Experience with SlimCha

As you might have seen on my Instagram and Twitter, I’ve been all about healthy food, exercising and cleansing my body. I’ve always loved eating healthy and am a sucker for fresh salads and fruits, but you know how it is everyone has their guilty pleasures. In my case it’s snacks and wine, I have no problem having a super healthy low carb breakfast and lunch but in the evening I often crave snacks and enjoy a relaxed glass of wine with my friends. I’ve always wanted to try a detox and was therefore stoked to be able to try out Slimcha’s Teatox programmes and will tell you all about my experience in this post!

I tried out Slimcha’s Skin Glow, Super Boost and Slimcha tea. The whole leaf tea comes in high quality see through teabags and one package will last for a 14 Day Teatox. The Skin Glow tea is a mixture of Chinese white tea, lemongrass, rose petals and many more healthy ingredients. Taste-wise the Skin Glow tea was my absolute favourite, as it has a slight fruity note and is really refreshing due to the white tea in it. Especially in the morning I loved drinking it and felt refreshed from the start. I don’t generally have a lot of problems with my skin, but the dry patches I sometimes get on my forehead definitely got less after using the tea for a week. I think that effect also comes from generally drinking more when you do a teatox, as you are supposed to drink a cup in the morning and in the afternoon and we all know  drinking a lot is always good for you. 

I also tried the Slimcha tea, which is supposed to help boost your metabolism, stimulate the breakdown of fat cells and besides other things help you lose weight. I definitely did lose weight during my teatox, but of course I was also eating healthy and working out. You obviously can’t expect to simply drink a tea twice a day and drop loads of weight while maintaining all your bad habits. I felt like the tea was definitely helping me to not have slip ups, as I would drink the tea in the morning to give me great start in the day and also in the evening before dinner, to remind me to keep my good resolutions up. The tea was a great addition to my clean and healthy diet and I love the fact that Slimcha offers an eating plan as well as exercise plan to make your teatox as successful as possible. 

Last but not least I tried the Super Boost tea, which helps you to maintain your energy level and perfect as a before workout drink. I also loved the flavor as it consists of Chinese green tea, hibiscus, apple pieces and much more. I often feel a decrease in energy in the afternoon and especially while I was at work I totally enjoyed having and afternoon Super Boost tea, as a replacement for coffee. 

It’s not a secret that teas help you to achieve your health goals, as many fitness models and coaches swear by green tea. However the reason why I really enjoyed the Slimcha programmes is because you have a wide range of teas to choose from that cater to all different kind of needs. Plus you won’t have to spend to spend a fortune on your detox, as a 14 day teatox only coasts £19 (25€) and you can download the eating and exercise plans as well as a recipe book for free.

Have you done any detox or clean eating lately and what products do you like to use to achieve your goal?

Much love xxx

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