The Importance of Blog Layouts

There were several things that always bothered me about my blog layout, for example: The way my blog looked on a mobile device. The fact I couldn't figure out how to get a sticky navigation bar. Why my widgets on the side and my images just didn't nicely line up. 
I'm a visual person that cares a lot about first impressions of a website and therefore was just never quite happy with the way my blog looked, although I had put so much time and effort in learning the necessary html and css to try and change the little flaws here and there. 
When I first hosted my blog on blogger, it was clear to me that I didn't want my blog to look like the mirror image of any other blog hosted on blogger. I wanted to take advantage of how simple blogger blogs are maintained, but make the most of how it looks and stay far far away from those. in my opinion, ugly pre set templates. So I started spending my Saturday mornings on all sorts of IT and tech blogs, to step by step change my blogs layout into how I imagined it to be. So far so good and I have to say I was pretty impressed with how far I made it on my own, but at some point I just noticed that a professional template just has that certain kind of je ne sais quoi, that I could not achieve no matter how many youtube videos I watched. Some of you might be tech-savy enough to create such a stunning and flawless template yourself, but when I noticed my perfect template was just 45€ I decided to throw in the towel and final get the layout I wanted. So Here It Is!

Once my template was installed and set up (which was btw sooo easy and simple), I noticed a instant motivational boost, to blog more, post higher quality images and make my blog known to more people. I feel like now I have the basis to really  take my blog to the next level and have already ordered a new camera to make my images look as nice as my layout. For me those are some of the most important elements, that will make or break your blog: Layout and Images! I'm not trying to take away from how important content is, but today I'm just all about expressing how high our visual standards have become. Without a doubt a great template and great images will not just make your readers keep reading but will also make you keep writing your blog, because you will be excited just to click on your blog!

Much love xxx

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