DIY Sequin Necklace

I have another DIY post for you today and wanted to show you a simple way of creating a lovely necklace that you can vary in style and colours easily to suit your taste. On top you can already see the finished result and what you will need to make this DIY sequin necklace, so this is what you'll need:

- Sequins in different colours but in the same size (you'll need quite a few so buys a couple of packs of each colour)
- A thin string that is firm enough to easy go through the sequins (I chose a string which is basically a thin coated wire)
- Other bigger pearls or stones of your choice to spice up your necklace
- A fastener, which you can either buy new in a DIY store or take from an old necklace you don't use no more
- Small pliers or scissors to attach your fastener to the necklace

Here is the step by step guide on how you create the necklace:

1. First pick a colour of sequins you want to start of with and line up the sequins on your string. Make sure to take a good amount of string and tie it up at the end so the sequins won't fall off.

2. The more sequins of one colour you align the bigger that stripe of colour ends up. If you then add the other colours you will be able to create a pattern of your choice. You can also just go with one colour if you choose to make a more simplistic necklace.

3. Once the sequins lie tight together you'll create a nice round 3-dimensional look. (Make sure to line them up correctly, as most sequins are slightly bend and therefore have a caved in side and a pushed out side. They won't align neatly if you don't pay attention to always pairing the right sides together.)

4. Add the bigger pearls and stone in when ever you feel like look the best and for example add a big stone in the middle of the necklace.

5. Once the necklace has your desired length, proceed to tie up the end and attach the fastener on both ends.

I hope you like this DIY and have fun trying it yourself. I personally was so surprised how chic sequins can look if you use them in a slightly different way and there are endless options on what colours and pearls to choose when doing this DIY!

Much love xxx

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