Life Lately #1

Hello Lovlies, it's been away so I wanted to share some pictures of what's going on in my life lately. I plan on making this a regular thing, because I find myself having loads of nice picture on my phone and nothing really happens with them, besides maybe an Instagram post. 

I've been completely knocked off my feet the last weeks, due to my wisdom teeth being taking out and therefore wasn't really in the mood to post or take pictures of myself (hamster-face-selfie no thank you). Before that whole my-face-looks-like-a-ballon situation happened I had a fabulous time full of yummy breakfasts, girly-chat and long overdue visits to the flea market. I've got myself several jackets at the flea market and just adore my new white furry jacket. I'm obsessed with blazers and jackets and therefore had to get an extra rack just for coats and jackets, as you can see above it's already stuffed to the fullest. 
I've also gone back to purple hair, after I had some fun experimenting with baby blue, I might go pastel rosé soon, but right now I'm back to the old but good purple!

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Much love xxx

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