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I used to think that having whiter teeth wouldn't make much of a difference and certainly other people wouldn't notice. Well I got proved wrong there, because now that I have for me personally the perfect shade of white teeth I feel even more confident and notice the difference everytime I look in the mirror and especially in pictures. 
I started my teeth whitening journey, first with a cheap set of trays and whitening gel that I ordered over amazon. Quite frankly the trays where super uncomfortable and the result were pretty disappointing. After that I tried slightly higher prized whitening stripes, which gave me a much better visual result, however they weren't able to lightening my entire tooth and I realised that the strips didn't reach the gaps in between the teeth, which led to a an uneven result.

I was already contemplating booking an expensive teeth whitening session at the dentist for $600 , when I was approached by Smile Brilliant, a company that specialises on creating the same personalised trays and same results a dentist would, but for a way more reasonable prize of currently only $120! 
Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

I was obviously keen to try their teeth whitening products and also tell you guys about a cheap but great alternative to having your teeth done at the dentist. 

First Smile Brilliant sent me a kid to create my teeth impressions that would then be sent off to their lab to make my very own, perfectly fitted whitening trays. The process of making these impressions is very simple and doable for anybody at home without a problem. Plus if you ever face problem Smile Brilliant was always quick to help me via email and phone. You can also check out this introduction video of Smile Brilliant to watch how the whole process works.
Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening
Once I received my custom made trays I was able to start the whitening process. You simple apply the gel onto your trays, which btw fit my teeth perfectly and where very comfortable to wear. You can leave the trays in for several hours if you want to achieve an intense result, however it is best to start of with a short time span of 30mins to get your teeth accustomed to the procedure. 
Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening
The whitening process is very simple, just be careful not to use too much gel because the gel shouldn't touch ur gums and will otherwise lead to slight irritations on your gum. 
After using the whitening gel, I applied the desensitizing gel which helps your teeth repair from the whitening and will therefore lead to you not experiencing any heat or cold sensitivity afterwards. 

Now that you know about the process, lets get to the important part the before and after! I don't think I have to say much as the results really speak for themselves! 
Teeth Whitenin Before and After
I am very pleased with the result and think it's amazing what you get for the prize with Smile Brilliant, as the gel you get send really lasts a lot of sessions. I would definitely recommend this product and luckily they ship worldwide so you'll be able to easily try them yourself. Also check out what other costumers had to say in the review section of Smile Brilliant as well!

Have you ever tried any teeth whitening products?

Much love xxx
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