Summer in New York

It's no secret that I am drawn to places that will inspire me, broaden my horizon or simply allow me to have a whole bunch of adventures. That's why my family and friends were never surprised when I moved to London right after school and why they were even less surprised about my decision to spend the summer in, you could say the most inspiring city of them all: New York City. 

The whole idea of living in this amazing city grew in my head the moment I boarded the plane back to Munich, after a fun filled and exciting trip to NYC last August 2015. I simply felt like there was unfinished business with me and this glorious city. I am very driven, some say stubborn, person, so I spent the next months back home putting the plan into action to move to New York.

So here I am sitting in a beautiful Brooklyn apartment with another 10 weeks ahead to explore NYC and take as much as I can away from this experience.

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